Thoughts for Boston

Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon

Explosions At 117th Boston Marathon (Photo credit: Asitimes)

It’s been several hours since the attack in Boston. I will admit that I maintained hope – a small, very improbable hope – that this was a horrific accident. It became quickly apparent that it wasn’t. This was an act of terrorism, pure and simple.

We don’t know who did this so we watch and wait, seeing this unfold before our eyes from the relative safety of a television screen. There are those who are personally affected. People were there. People were hurt. People have died. We have all been affected for we are all brothers and sisters, we are all Americans.

My heart aches for those who are suffering, for the victims and the victims family and friends, and for those who managed to get out uninjured but witnessed the horror up close. It’s not much, I’m sure, but my prayers are with you.

But what has me angrier than the attack itself are those who began soliciting donations in the guise of charities but were in fact looking to take advantage of the situation. Not too long after I read about the explosions I read an article on Examiner about fake charity Twitter accounts being created. To think that people are so depraved that they are willing to exploit a national tragedy is beyond comprehension, but yet it’s not too surprising. So I urge caution if you decide to make a donation.

From the Red Cross, they put out a bulletin saying that they currently have enough blood and financial resources to support their efforts, but urge those who want to help to donate blood in their communities in the coming weeks and months. You can read the full bulletin here.

And on a very personal note, please remember to hold those dear to you close tonight, and every night. We live very much with the illusion that we are safe but the fact is that we live in a very volatile word. Be grateful for the time you have. As we have been reminded yet again, it’s all too simple for that illusion to be replaces by a cruel reality. Again my prayers are with you all tonight, Boston.

Monday Morning Miscellany

2013-Participant-Lantern-Circle-BadgeOh what a glorious Monday morning! It’s April Fools Day and I have no pranks to pull. Wish I did, but I don’t. Just as well. I have plenty to do without having to come up with a prank, and with my luck, having to clean up my mess after I end up pissing everyone off.

I started my new job on Friday. It was just orientation, which took forever. I now have to wait until this coming Friday before I go back in. It’s almost not worth it. I think I may actually lose money on gas to and fro. I hope it will pick up after this week, but I guess we’ll find out. Regardless, it’s only a temporary situation while I finish the last of my college.

Speaking of, I’m down to last few weeks of the semester. I think I have maybe five weeks of class. After than, if everything goes well, I will lack four hours to earn my degree. Now I’m wishing I would have tried to cram them into this semester, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself.

I have one essay due this week, another exam in Geology, and I have a paper to write from Psychology. I really need to buckle down and get to it. You know, I think I may have a quiz today. I need to hurry up and study for that.

Also today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo. If you are a writer, or want to be, and want a little extra push to get you through, sign up today! NaNoWriMo has a 50k word challenge during November, where you write a 50k word novel in thirty days. For Camp NaNoWriMo, you set your own writing goal. 1k, 5k, 100k? It’s up to you, but the biggest hurdle is going for it. You can’t finish if you don’t start!


Pretty Pearl waiting to help take care of your pets (photo Amy Ebert)

I started another blog yesterday. No, it’s not for me, but I’m doing it for my friend’s pet-sitting business, AB Petcare. Please check it out and follow her on her blog, and also on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m trying to get everything linked up so that she has a unified social media presence. I’m still working out the kinks, but hopefully within then next couple of weeks we’ll have her set up on a regular posting schedule.

If you live around the Greenville, Texas area, and need to board your pet, check her out. She has also started doing dog rescues, and is currently working with a few people. She needs donations to help her out. As soon as I figure out how to link up her PayPal account, we will be all set!