Time Flies By

So, I guess it’s been a while since I last wrote anything, over two years in fact. It’s crazy to me how time flies. I didn’t even notice it pass me by, a symptom of getting older.

More than likely, no one is going to read this as my readership is probably all gone. That’s okay. As much as I tried to grow my followers in the beginning, it became less important to me. The inner turmoil that drove me at first lessened until it was gone. I didn’t even notice the transition.

There’s not much to tell about my life. I briefly joined a band, but as it wasn’t going anywhere, we disbanded. I promoted into a salary management position. I spend most of my free time and money going to concerts, usually Halestorm. I saw them six times this year alone!

Still single, still living my life. I haven’t written anything in ages. I missed Nanowrimo for the first time since 2011 last year. I just didn’t have the desire to do it. I may try this year, but I’m undecided. I did buy a new laptop just in case since my old one was old and slow and I haven’t bothered to boot it up since I don’t know when.

I’m still alive, still in this limbo between Joe and Stefani. I don’t feel compelled to transition, but neither am I compelled to leave it behind. My two identities form my whole. I’ve come to accept my lot in life, and in accepting it I’ve found some measure of peace.

Having fun

Didn’t feel well all day. I stayed home to rest, but I got bored.

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