Book Review: Golf Made Easy

To celebrate NaNoWriMo, I’m making myself go crazy and bringing you a second book review. This time around I’m reviewing a guide to playing golf, written by Jeffrey W. Kern. With the holidays coming up, this might make a fantastic stocking stuffer for your loved one!

GolfMadeEasy_cover Golf is the sport of choice for many weekend warriors. It is at once simple to play, almost impossible to master, and offers hours of fun and exquisite torture. It’s a common method for male bonding, for work, play, and sometimes just to get out of the house for a few hours.

Which is not to say that golf is only the domain of the male sex. Not at all. With golfers like Annika Sörenstam, Michelle Wie, and Lorena Ochoa becoming household names, it proves that the golf is not the sexist bastion that it sometimes appears to be. It’s not uncommon to see couple playing on the course.

But what of us beginners? How do I get started? Should I buy a best clubs around? What about the methods and theory to golf? While I’m the least qualified to ask, Jeffery W. Kern steps in to help.

Golf Made Easy in a guide for all of us beginners wanting to get started in the game. Jeffery took the unorthodox approach of starting with the short game, putting, before tackling the part of the game we think about when we think of golf, which for me would be driving the ball down the fairway.

He takes care in giving us terms we need to know, and the rules of the game. He instructs via illustrations and photos, as well as explaining the reasons behind the theory. This book is a great primer to playing the actual game itself.

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