Checking in for the thrill of it

Book review is done and I will post it tomorrow at noon. For now, I have no other books in the queue, waiting to be read and reviewed. It’s an odd feeling, both sad and a relief. Next up, I can start reading Divergent. The box set is sitting on my desk, begging to be read. Who am I to ignore the pleas of a book?

Right now, I’m going to get back to work on one of my books I’m writing. At the moment, I have some sense of where I want to go, so I’d better write while the writing is good. I hope that makes sense. To put it another way, I need to write while I feel inspired to do so. Some days, it’s a struggle to write my own name, but you know what that’s like, right?

Better get to work, so for now, good night and sweet dreams. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow.

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