Coming soon, another book review

I’m going to move away from my truck project, which is coming together nicely, and I’m going to talk a little about something else. A few months ago, I volunteered to beta-read a book which I began, but I unfortunately had my notes on my computer which died on me. The best I could do was give him a general critique about his book.

Now I’m back to reading the finished book, and so far I’m digging it. I’m planning on posting a review of the book, The Ship by Allan Krummenacker early next month, probably the first Monday, which  would be July 7th, and my first book review since my March 17th review of The Trinity by Daelynn Quinn.

The fact that I’m doing another review isn’t all that unexpected. My plan was not to abandon reviewing altogether, but rather I wanted to devote my energies elsewhere for a while. So I’m back for a one-off review, except I have another review in the pipeline, set for the middle of next month as well. That book is the sequel to March Island by Oliver Chase, which I reviewed late last year, and which I believe is the last book to the Hirebomber Series. More on this as I find out.

It feels good to be back reading again. I still have a few book I want to read for myself, but my project has been taking up all my time, though I’m now reaching the end. It may be time for a new project. I’m not sure if I’m going to actually start reviewing again on a consistent basis again, or if this is just an anomaly.

I’m saying this because I’m curious whether it’s worth doing again. I feel that I didn’t get enough of a bump in readership as I would have liked, and I’m not sure it was appreciated by the authors I reviewed. So I’m putting it to a vote, What should I do?

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