I have had the most unproductive week ever! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it sure feels like it to me. Since I last Sunday’s little excursion to the Dallas Cowboy’s embarrassing game, I’ve been under the weather. It didn’t help that the weather decided to turn cold and rainy. I’ve been miserable and my productivity shows it.

All I’ve done is play games on my computer, which isn’t really my computer, but my brother’s. I finally am getting one soon. Since my job is a sucky one, I put one on layaway at Walmart. I loathe them, but at the moment I’m without much of an option. Being online and having a way to write is great, but I need my own machine, and since I’m having to do it in installments, I’m springing for a relatively good laptop.

As for being productive, today’s not the day to pretend to be so. I’m going to be lazy and get back on track tomorrow. I have a few projects on my plate, but I think it’s time to pull an old one out, dust it off, and get it ready to be read by others. Right not the whole beginning is driving me crazy. I’ll just rewrite it and go from there.

That’s it for tonight. I don’t want to ruin my unproductive streak. Have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

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