Quizzaciously? Um…what?

I came across this video while scrolling through YouTube. I’m a big fan of Michael Stevens whose videos on his channel, Vsauce, tackles seemingly random questions. As someone who likes to write, I found this video fascinating. Michael discusses Zipf’s Law, which when talking about language, you will encounter a word proportional to its rank. Which is to say if a word’s usage ranks it as, say 1000, it’s used 1/1000 times as often as the word that is ranked number one.

The video is long, but it’s informative, interesting, and I’m just a geek for random scraps of knowledge. Consequently, the word quizzaciously has only been found used once in the English language, well until this video went up. “Thanks Michael,” I say quizzaciously. Now I’ve used it twice on here. I’m such a fanboy.

Ignore me and just watch the video.

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