What I’m up to

I think I’ve spent more time writing my short stories than I have anything else lately. I haven’t even been reading much this year, considering I’ve ended doing book reviews. I feel as though I did a poor job with my reviews, but the time it took to read and consider how to write what I thought of the book wasn’t worth what I got out of it.

I’ve picked up a story again, but I can’t help but wonder what’s the use? As much as I’ve said I want to publish, will I ever do it? Will I get to the point where my stories are good enough? Will I get to the point where I feel as though I’m brave enough to put it all out there?

I don’t know, but considering I’ve been at it since 2011, and saying that I’m going to publish my story this year, every year since 2012, I have to say that I’ve made myself into a liar. What’s stopping me?  My ability to finish whatever book I’m writing satisfactorily. Then there’s the cost of finding an editor/proofreader, a cover designer, and if need be, someone to help format the damned thing.

Maybe I should have picked an easier hobby, one that I’m capable of actually doing, or maybe I should buckle down and see it through. I’ll never be happy unless I follow through. I need a mentor, I think. Now where to find one.

1 thought on “What I’m up to

  1. Hi Joe – Lows and highs in our business are simply a part of life. You may not recall, but you were the first to review my new, now old book, Marsh Island. A high and a low that day, but your insight, wit, and cogent remarks helped make the sequel and later novels like Levant Mirage better. Now, I’m about to launch my newest novel, Camelot Games knowing you’ve left the reviewing effort. That’s hard, but I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to look at Writer’s Network Club (Writers-network.club) if you’d like to publish your present short story. An anthology is brewing and the deadline approaches. I’ll look forward to seeing you in print along with others that share our communal ilk. Oliver F. Chase


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