His Mortal Danger….

She was the embodiment of all his dreams. His friends called her his wish fulfilled. She had beauty and charm to spare; a goddess divine, and she was within reach.

She was a mortal danger to him. He knew this. He wished that he could care, but he had been lonely for so long that we was willing to trade his life for a moment of bliss. What did it matter anyway? He prayed for death, and if this was his ticket to immortality, then let her devour him. Better dead than this non-life he suffered.

It was a cat and mouse game, and it was agony, but when she decided to favor him, it was like basking in the glory of a light so pure, he glowed for days in contentment. When she left him, the darkness was so profound, it eclipsed all hope from his heart.

Today, after weeks of silence, she graced him with a call. A simple hello. She needed help. “I just need a little favor,” she said. “Anything for you. You know that,” was his response. She giggled. “Just come over.”

He dropped everything. Life could wait. His girl needed him, that’s all that mattered. He ran out of his apartment, drove across town to her home. He rang the doorbell, and she kept him waiting. Not too long, but just long enough that he would get the message. She was in charge.

The goddess finally came to the door, bestowed on him a smile so bright, that she dazzled him. He felt breathless. “Come on in, silly,” she teased. Mesmerized he walked in. He closed the door behind him, and he felt a sense of foreboding. “Maybe this is goodbye,” he said to himself.

She led him to the bedroom. It looked inviting, but something was amiss. He walked in, and the door slammed shut. “Sorry about the door,” she apologized. “It does that. I need you to fix my shower. It’s clogged, and I really need a shower.”

He nodded. “I can do that. No problem.” He got to work, and in no time – less than a minute – the drain ran freely. “All done? Thank you,” she said ecstatic. I knew you would. You always come through for me.”

She pushed him out with a light nudge. “Wait for me downstairs. I’ll be down in a minute.” He nodded with a smile. After almost an hour, she came into the living room, dressed in a short skirt, and low-cut blouse, and wearing a red pair of stilettos.

“I’m going out on a first date with Stephen,” she said. “He’s a model and he’s an Adonis.” She walked to him and gave him a hug, “thank you again.” She gave him an innocent peck on the cheek. “It’s good to have a friend like you.”

He tried to smile, but only managed to grimace, instead. He walked out, and finally realized the truth; it was an illusion. She knew, of course. She used that against him, for her own personal gain. He chuckled a mirthless laugh. So be it.

He went home. Alone. He had had enough. A man could only take so much. If his destiny was to live in darkness, then he would embrace the darkness, and embrace the forgetfulness of oblivion. It was better this way. If the sun mocked him, then better to accept the bitter cold of a perpetual eclipse.

It was better this way, really. At least the mocking would stop….


Short Stories

© 2012 Joe Hinojosa

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