This is the year….

This is the year…

…that I stop procrastinating,
…that I stop making excuses,
…that I stop allowing my insecurities dictate my course,
…that I accomplish my life’s ambition,
…that I start anew and let go of that which holds me back.

This is the year it all comes together. New year, new beginnings. I hope you all have a wonderful 2015.

An experiment?

Do I even look like a scientist? What’s going on in my head that remotely makes me think that I am capable of conducting an experiment? Am I nuts?

Well, yeah I am. Just a little, but that’s besides the point. And it’s not like I’m planning on conducting a real scientific experiment, though that may not be such a bad idea, but I’ll ruminate on that in private. This is an introduction to a little personal social experiment in which I will try to think positively instead of negatively, where I try to be optimistic instead of pessimistic, so that I can make the necessary changes in my life that will lead me to success in my life.

Sounds hard.

It is, but my method will be simple. I will create a blog. In fact, I have already created my blog, The Power of Positive Affirmations. In it, I plan to write essays, post inspirational quotes from historical figures, and the like. Any support I can receive will be appreciated. Anyone that wants to contribute is welcome to do so. I welcome all the help I can get!

So far, I’ve only have the introductory essay posted, but I will look to post more in the near future. I would like to be able to post daily, which I admit will be difficult. We will see how this goes, and maybe see if it helps me make positive changes in my life, and in the lives of my readers. So far I have no followers, but this is only Day 1.

Where will this little experiment lead me? Will anyone join?