In the meantime…

I hate having ideas with no way to do anything about them. I miss having a computer where I can type until I’ve run out of things to say, to create on a page a world that exist solely in the depths of my mind. Plus, keeping up my blog has been difficult.

I have no timetable as to when I will be able buy myself a new laptop, but I fear it will be quite a long time. I’m nearing the completion of my project, cleaning up a 93 Chevy pickup. When I’m done, I should have the money to begin saving up to buy my new toy, but one thing at a time.

In the meantime, I’ve resorted to using pen and paper to get my ideas downs. It’s not as quick, and many times more illegible than using a keyboard. As bad as it is, it’s better than nothing. At least it affords me the luxury of moving ideas out of my head and onto a more permanent format. It’s just so freaking slow!

I’m also glad that I have access to the important files of my now deceased computation machine. Thank you DropBox! All my works in progress are safe, ready for me to get busy on them all over again. I’m raring to go.

Patience is required of me. I will get things lined up all over again, and I will get back on track, though I’ve bitching about if for three years and it hasn’t happened yet. Just smile and it’ll get better.

Or maybe people have been lying to me about that…