Name, titles, and such

I’ve been wanting to rename my blog for some time and I’m at a loss. Since I started this, I’ve been content to simply use my name and I left it at that, but I never truly liked it. I want something flashy, a name with pizzazz, something that grabs hold of people and makes them want to visit my little corner of madness.

You know, that might work for my tagline….

But as for a title? Forget about it. I’m useless finding titles for projects. My books are titled by the first name of my main character. It makes it easy for me to find, but it might not be so great once I try to publish it. As for my site? It’s just my name. Talk about lazy and uninspired. I need a title doctor. Do they even exist?

I look at some of the names other bloggers use, and some are lame, some are cute, and some are so original that I want to weep. Why can’t I find a name? I cry out. Must I remain nameless forever?

Maybe it’s not a real problem, but it sure bugs the hell out of me. Is there a class I can take, a seminar of some kind, that teaches us poor wretches how to name important things, like blogs and books? I would find that class useful. I’d take it twice just to make sure all the information stuck!

I’ll keep wracking my brain until something comes out. Until then, you’re just stuck with Joe Hinojosa. Isn’t that a horrifying thought!?