When Harry Met Hermione

DH1_Riddle-Harry_and_Riddle-HermioneMy Facebook feed blew up recently, as did blogs and various other websites, when JK Rowling had the audacity to spew her vile belief that Hermione should have chosen the Chosen One over the Other One. Harry Potter, and not Ron Weasley, should have captured the heart of the young, fair maiden. Evil is she, that Rowling woman, to break the hearts of all Potterdom. I hates her forever!

I thought about writing my thoughts on this sooner, but I didn’t. Then I thought that too much time had passed, and quite frankly, it didn’t matter anyway. I was wrong. I’m still finding recently written articles about this scandal, accusing the author of going all George Lucas on us Potter fans, and changing the direction of the story after the fact. But she didn’t. She made her regrets known, but she’s not rewriting the story.

To me, I really don’t care about the mating of the characters. It’s a nice little postscript to the story, but not really all that important. Also, there’s a small part of me that maybe can see what she means. Not that I necessarily believe Hermione needed to be paired with Harry, but why Ron? What does he bring to the relationship? He’s not that intelligent or talented. He’s angry, slightly embittered, and has a horrible temper. He’s definitely side-kick material.

And Hermione? She’s not. She might have made a decent equal partner for Harry, but would that have relegated her to second-fiddle? She’s a star in her own right, and maybe there’s the attraction to Ron. She doesn’t have to compete for the spotlight. That said, am I suggesting that she’s not a strong enough woman to step out of Harry’s shadow? Of course not! That’s not what I’m saying! Honest!

But what of Ginny? She married Harry, and she’s a strong, independent woman. She’s not just Mrs. Harry Potter, but an accomplished Quidditch player turned Senior Quidditch Commentator for the Daily Prophet. Not exactly a wall flower by any means. She’s strong enough of a personality to deal with marrying The Boy Who Lived, and the fame that comes with it. But if not Harry, she would have been fine with someone else. Even Bonnie Wright, the actress who portrayed Ginny came out and said as much.

But what other pairings could there be? I’ll admit that I’m a fan of a Harry-Luna coupling. Luna Lovegood is my all-time favorite character in the series, which was cemented by the casting of the amazing Evanna Lynch. Both Harry and Luna were outcasts.Luna had a way of coaxing Harry when he needed it the most. She was blunt, but never rude, and could cut through the bullshit like no one else. She could both nurture and reprimand him in such a way that it didn’t seem harsh. She’s a matter-of-fact woman and forced him to confront things for what they were.

But what of Cho Chang? Um…puh-leese! I wish I had more to comment here, but Cho was really a non-character, a filler to illustrate his desirability among girls, and to show just how clueless he was when it came to the opposite sex. True, he had more pressing matters to contend with, you know, having a sociopath gunning for him, and the future of all mankind. You know, that old chestnut?

As for the other characters, who cares. I’m really a Harry-Luna fan, but I like Ginny, too. She’s got spunk. As for Hermione, who does she have? Harry and Ron. Sure, there was Viktor Krum, but that was just a fling. Then there was Corman McLaggen, but come on, he was just a tool she used to get Ron jealous. Now Draco Malfoy, interesting, but since she’s a mudblood, he’d never go for it. Stupid Draco.

And what of poor Ron Weasley? Does anyone care about him? Who should he be paired with? I guess there’s Lavender Brown, but she did die in the movie, though she lived in the book. Hmm… I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t care. He’s not my favorite character, but I share a few of his worst traits, mainly his hotheadedness.

Now that I’ve taken the time to write this, I realize just how silly this conversation really is. Who cares? The characters are just that, fictional characters invented by some woman in the U.K. I think all I’ve managed to do is to demonstrate just how big of a geek I am. I should let it go. This is inconsequential, and I have better things to do.

Harry-Luna all the way!

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