This week in My Silly Life

What a crappy week. My sojourn overnights is almost at an end. Tonight is my last night that I’m definite about. I’m scheduled two nights next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, but our supervisor is adamant that he’s done working nights, so we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping tonight is the last night. I’m ready to get some sleep!

As for writing, like I said, I’m not doing any until I’m done overnights. I haven’t even read a single book. All I’ve done this week is lie around in a near catatonic state as this illness saps me of my strength, and my will to live. I feel better, but I’m not really getting well, at least not yet. Hopefully I will this weekend, which will begin tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m.

At some point, I will have to force myself out of bed and drag myself to the local movie theater to watch Penguins of Madagascar. I mean I don’t want to, but my niece really wants to watch it. Who am I kidding? I want to watch it and I’m using my niece to keep myself from creepy myself and everyone out by watching a kids show by myself.

“Hey kids. I have Mild Duds.” 


Not a good idea. I’ll take my niece, who’s stoked about it, and hopefully I won’t be hacking up a lung on the person sitting in front of me. That would be embarrassing.

So, I have this week and next week to enjoy not writing, but starting the 15th, I’ll be back to working on a project or another. Then Christmas will undoubtedly interfere with my writing, then New Years. No! No excuses. Two weeks is plenty to recuperate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I want a nap.

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