NaNoWriMo 2014: TGIO

Winner-2014-Web-BannerTHANK GOD IT’S OVER!!!!!!

There are not enough exclamation points to express the excitement I feel over making through the roughest NaNoWriMo I’ve ever participated in. It’s over, and though I only limped through the finish line at 50,004 words, I did in fact cross that line. I’m now 4-0 for NaNo. Feels pretty good.

I limped over because the month of working over nights and having little sleep finally caught up with me. I spent the last thousand words nodding off, wanting only to hide under my sheets, but I knew if I did that, I wouldn’t make the goal. Once I did, I collapsed and that’s all I knew until after midnight.

In addition to exhaustion, I’m now fighting a cold. It hit me yesterday morning, and that contributed to my horrific day. I’m stuffy and my throat is sore, I’m still exhausted, but I have a book review due today that will have to be postponed. So my review of Quarter Past Midnight will now be posted on the 15th of this month. The Dreamt Child will remain on the 5th of January, and The Protected will be reviewed on the 19th of January.

My NaNoNovel is not completed, but I’m going to shelve it for the time being. I’m taking this week off, and I probably won’t do any serious writing until we’re done with inventory at work and I come back to days. In fact, I’m taking a long weekend starting the 13th of this month. I probably won’t do anything until I return home. Then I’ll resume rewriting Jasmine and go from there.

At some point next year, I’ll revisit Giada and start my corrections to tell the story I want to tell. It veered off course quickly and I simply didn’t have the time to change course. I did write some good stuff that I plan to salvage, but some will be pruned and consigned to the fire. I don’t know. I’m still a little fuzzy.

For now I’m signing off. Have a great week, and for those of you who participated and won, congrats! For those who didn’t cross the 50K threshold, I’m proud of you. Just beginning a project is a huge step. Don’t be discouraged. You can do it!

If you’ll excuse me. I have a date with my pillow.

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