Back to work…er…writing

After much waffling, I pulled out one of my books and got back to work. It didn’t last long, however, as life once again intruded into my intentions and I had to take care of business. No matter. I got started, and I’m back to do a little more work before I head off to bed.

I had to do a little catching up on what I had written, namely what I have changed prior to the beginning of NaNoWriMo back in November. I like what’s there, but I have a few more tweaks to go. The change is fairly major, but I’m hoping it doesn’t get out of control. I just hated what was there to begin with.

So, now I’m back to work, reading and rewriting. I should get someone else to do it. I’m way too neurotic to do anything constructive. Oh well, it’s already begun.

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