I need quiet!

For the second night in a row, I’m staying at my brother’s place. The ice on the roads makes traveling home a little too perilous. Since I live an hour from my job, I thought it prudent to stay near so that I wouldn’t have to call in, or worse, drive in this mess. I know I can make the drive, I just get anxious driving 30 mph down I-27.

So I’m at the dining room table, with the Baltimore-Pittsburgh game blaring on the television. Baltimore is leading 20 – 9 on the AFC Wildcard game. I don’t particularly like either team, but I really don’t want Pittsburgh to move on, so go Ravens!

The problem for me is that I can’t work with noise in the background. I need quiet to write effectively. I prefer silence, eschewing even music, unless I’m in public and I’m trying to drown out the crowd. I can’t hear the story in my head with too much going on.

Which begs the question; how do you work best? Do you like to work in a crowd? Do you listen to music? Or perhaps are you like me and prefer the kind of silence that makes most people nervous? You can tell me. I won’t tell.

I just can’t promise that people won’t read what you tell.

7 thoughts on “I need quiet!

  1. Like you, I need total silence to write – not even soft music in the background. While our house is very tiny we’ve managed to arrange it such that we work at opposite ends of the house with two doors between us. Hubby needs music. This way we each have what we need. (and I have access to the kitchen and coffee, and snacks)

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    • I do my best work at night, once everyone is asleep. That’s why November almost killed me as I was working instead of writing, and then trying to catch up when I should have been asleep. It’s all better now.


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