How do I let go?

How ’bout them Cowboys? Holy hell, that was a brutal game to watch. I can’t believe they came back to win it, but I’m extremely happy that they did. Understandingly, I just now got back to work on my WIP, and I’m ready to get this finished, and find a few readers to give me an idea of what works or doesn’t, and if it’s even worth trying to save.

So I’m back, reading and rereading, writing, and rewriting. I’m stuck at this stage, of being unable to let go. I think I need a coach, someone to take my hand and guide me. Maybe what I need is a nun to whack my knuckles with a ruler. I don’t think I would like that all that much.

My main problem is that this is something I’ve never done, and I’m horrible at doing new things. I’ve just never been this bad at it. What do I need to do first? What’s my plan? Is there a plan? Can someone just tell me what the plan is? Why am I so bad at this?

My tendency is to make a bigger deal out of things than I should I need to relax and just let go. Who want’s to teach me how? Is there some class I can take? Enough obsessing. I need to get to work. Have a good night, and have an awesome week.

2 thoughts on “How do I let go?

  1. Get it to some beta-readers. Let them read and make comments. When you find yourself unable to let go and can only keep going over and over your own work it’s time to let other eyes read and tell you what they find. You’re not the first author I’ve known who’s had this problem. Remember, what may seem imperfect to you might actually be a thrill-ride to others.

    Take it from a artist. To this day whenever I look at my work I can admire what I’ve done, but I’ll always find my eyes going to the areas that did not come out “just right”.


    • I understand that. I’ve done some woodworking projects, a shelf I built for my in-laws come to mind. They loved what I built, but all I could see were the little imperfections. Drove them crazy that I wouldn’t let it go.


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