NaNoWrimo 2015: Day 1

NaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-SquareNational Novel Writing Month is now going strong, how are you doing? Day one is winding down, and though many are still writing furiously, I’m done for the day. I surpassed my goal for the day at a cool 3017. I’m almost a day ahead! Remind me not to get cocky. I could easily lose it like I have every year.

I just stated the second chapter, and I’m working to steer the story correctly, to introduce my main character’s source of friction, her ex-boyfriend, the one that abandoned her without warning close to twenty years before. The first chapter just dealt with setting up his introduction, and I probably won’t write him in until the third. Right now I’m creating Shelby’s story, from her point of view. I hope first person pans out. I’m a little concerned that it might not be.

Right now, I’m heading to bed. I’m tired and tomorrow is a big day. On top of writing my nanonovel, tomorrow will be my first day in a new position at my job. I was promoted last Monday, and now I get to be a supervisor. I’m a little excited, apprehensive, and just a ball of nerves.

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