Slowly forward

If this was NaNo, I’d be losing. I’m currently at 13,195 words, and though I could be further along, I’m not. I haven’t set an arbitrary nightly word goal to meet. I’m just writing as much as I feel like writing for at least an hour, and I’m not even making that. I may have to go back to a word goal.  At least I would be making some progress.

I have made some headway however. I’m on chapter 3 and well on my way to creating my two main characters. They haven’t met yet, and that’ll have to wait a couple more chapters, but their paths are aligning slowly. Soon they will meet.

But what when they meet? I’ve been working this story for years, coming at it from one angle and then another. I fixed the issue with Giada, the idea of her being a high priced prostitute just didn’t work for the character. I still needed her to rub elbows with the rich and powerful, but a prostitute was clearly the wrong choice, a decision made in revenge towards someone who hurt me. I’m over that now!

I feel like I’m working a puzzle, trying to piece together a narrative that fits with what I already know about them, and that fits what’s already been written, while discarding that which makes a lie out of my characters. It’s a frustrating exercise, but it’s one that I admit I’m enjoying.


3 thoughts on “Slowly forward

  1. That’s 500 words a day, if that’s your word count for January. Over 700 a day if you only write weekdays, like me. That’s a pretty respectable average if you’re aiming for an hour a day. 🙂 Don’t let NaNo fool you into thinking that you should be writing 2k a day, every day, like a machine. That’s only a reasonable word-count goal if you don’t have a day job!


    • But when you look at it as I’ve been trying to work this for two years? Not so good, lol. I’ve been able to pull some scenes from my previous attempts, but most of it is new. Changing my character meant I had to change the story, which I believe is a good thing. I just want to be done so I know how it ends!


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