What’s with the crickets?

The final chapter has been dealt with, and I’m done. Walking away from the book. I can do no more! I’m happier with this ending so I’m glad I decided to rework it. There’s more of a finality to it than my first attempt which I like. Now I need some readers. Anyone up for it?

*Crickets chirping*

Oh, it’s like that? I’m not surprised. That’s fine. I have back up plans, which is to say I’ll make something up. I would have liked to have a few writers give me their take, but I’ll start with a few of my friends and hope someone says yes. Anyone?

*Crickets looking around awkwardly*

I think I need new friends.

C’est la vie!

I need an alpha…reader that is

Okay, I’m almost done with my rewrites. That went faster than I had expected. Most of the changes happened in the middle of the book and there wasn’t a lot at the end that needed to be tweaked. I’m happy for it. I’m mulling changing the last chapter, however. I find that it’s not satisfying. It’s just flat.

For now, I’m sitting at 91,570 words, which surprises me since I’m not usually that wordy. I’ll get some feedback before I try to subtract from that total, though I don’t want to lose too much. I want to start looking for a few alpha readers. I desperately need some opinions as to whether the story works or not, what if any changes need to be done. I’m not looking for proofreading or editing work, just a general sense of what the reader takes away from it.

My feeling is I like the premise of the book, and I’m hoping my execution delivers. This all began as a short story back in 2012, which evolved to become that year’s NaNo. I’ve been tweaking it ever since. I’m ready to be done with it and let it out to the world. It’s part of me trying to let go. I want to publish it this year. I can do it. I will do it. I just don’t know how!

That’s okay. Let me work on the ending and if anyone wants to alpha read, let me know. I’m looking for no more than a couple of readers. You can either comment below or shoot me an email at joe@joehinojosa.com. Once I have that feedback, I’ll take your comments to heart, make any necessary corrections, then look for someone to proofread.

This is getting scary. Better not think too much more about it or I’ll get overwhelmed.