My new writing toy

I’ve been hearing about Scrivener for years now, ever since I started pursuing this writing dream. Every year I win NaNo, every year I get the chance to buy the program at a discounted price, every year I let it go. Not this year. I bought it and now what? Seriously, what’s it do that’s so special?

I’ve spent the past hour going through the tutorial, and I’m having one of those Eureka! moments. It does all of that? I asked myself. Amazing! I wish I had got this sooner! I love buying new toys.

Let me explain what’s got me so excited. My first novel, I wrote each chapter as a different file, which didn’t present a problem until it came time to put it together. I didn’t know how to do so except by literally copying and pasting each chapter into a master file. Took some time to do it. I hated it.

With my new toy, I can write each chapter, and indeed each scene, into its own file, which is part of the whole. It makes it easier to go between scenes and chapters, and when it’s time to compile the document, there’s a nifty little button that will do that for you. Neat-o!

I’m still trying to figure this out. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s enough to get me excited about learning it. I’m sure it’ll change the way I write considerably, hopefully for the better. After only an hour, I’m regretting waiting this long to join the crowd. At least I’m part of it now. If only it could read my thoughts….

On second thought, maybe it’s best it can’t.