On this holiday weekend…

Happy 4th of July! Yes, in spite of the fact that I work at a retail store, on that is open today, I somehow managed to get the day off! I’m not going to complain. I’m elated to have a day to relax at home, spend some time with family, and just be an all out bum.

Actually, I did do a little work today. I cooked the obligatory holiday meal. I braised some ribs in the oven, though I lit the grill to cook out some chicken breasts and sausages. That, with coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and some avocado rounded out our small feast. I’m stuffed. I really want a nap.

Instead I’m writing. My story for NaNoWriMo is taking shape, though it is slowly doing so. I should be more diligent in writing, but I can’t. That’s why the low word goal. I may have to up the goal to 25K words, but I’ll decide that later, and I may do that for myself and leave the set goal at 10K. I’m not even sure I can change it.

On a more serious note, I want to take some time and do a quick Public Service Announcement. Please take care this 4th of July weekend. Remember that traffic with be heavier than usual, so please, please, please keep an eye out for other drivers, and please don’t drink and drive.

The reason I bring this up, last night I went to Plainview to grab a few things from Walmart. As I drove home, I passed a horrifying scene on the access road to I-27. At the on ramp, I saw two vehicles that had been in a front-end collision. I could not count the number of first responders on the scene, but the flashing lights only hinted at the severity of the accident.

A hospital helicopter landed moments before I passed the scene, undoubtedly to fly the more severely injured to Lubbock. Helpless in the situation, all I could do was say a quick prayer for the victims of the crash, and selfishly hope that I didn’t know the victims of the car crash. My prayers were answered, sort of.

I found out later last night that one person had been pronounced dead at the scene. This morning I found out that the deceased was the older sister of a classmate of mine from high school. How do you process this? I’m glad I wasn’t affected but sorry you were? I felt my heart sink because someone I knew ages ago would be experiencing a terrible ordeal this holiday weekend.

So while I may have had a delicious meal this evening, and while I may have spent the time with family, I know of at least on family impacted by a devastating event. I’m sure scores of others with share in the misfortune before this weekend is over.

Please take care while having fun. Spend time with family and friends. Shoot off fireworks and illuminate the night sky. Most of all, just be safe.

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