12717709_10205967206406401_12074319970344093_nI have not been writing as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I want to, but I started a project that I’ve been putting off for several months. I began remodeling my bedroom this week, and my writing space is a disaster. It’ll continue being a disaster for a few weeks yet.

My bedroom was done back in the 80’s for my grandfather. It was a nice room when it was built, but time has taken its toll. The paneled walls that once looked amazing were dated, and the tile floor was beginning to fall apart. The ceiling was bowing, due to rain the seeped in a couple of years ago, back when the roof was redone.

I gutted my room completely. Ceiling came down, as did the walls. I replaced my windows a few months ago. Hail broke one of my windows last summer. I boarded it up temporarily, but finally got around to replacing both of them. That done, I knew I would have to upgrade my room.

So I’m roomless at the moment, which is fine with me. It’s a small price to pay to so that I will have a space that is my own. Too bad materials cost so much, so I’m having to buy everything a little at a time, but even so, I’ll manage.

I finished putting up the ceiling a few hours ago. Tomorrow I’ll replace insulation in the walls before starting to drywall. After my next paycheck, I’ll look at getting my flooring bought.

Once everything is done, I’ll replace the desk I built a few years ago. I’m planning on building some shelves to match my desk. I need someplace to store my books. I love books. But until I’m done, my writing will be impacted. I’ll try to do what I can, but most of my time will be spent working on my room.

Until this get back to normal, I’ll work things out in my mind. Once I’m done, I hope to start again and grind my way to the end. I just wish it wouldn’t take so long to get my room back.

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