Maybe I’ll try camping

CNW_Participant_Twitter.jpegI haven’t given Camp NaNoWriMo much thought this time around. I usually don’t, truth be told. It’s not that I’m not interested, it’s that I typically fail miserably, unlike the full NaNo during November. Won every year since I started, back in 2011. Aren’t I awesome? (Blushes)

In all seriousness, I have a project I would like to finish, and I’ve been working on it sporadically, and I would love to muscle my way to the end. I’m hoping Camp NaNo will give me that last little boost I need to reach my goal. Currently I’m at 31,898 words, and though my ultimate goal is 75K words, I’m shooting for a Camp goal of 25k words. I’m hoping to surpass that goal, but I don’t want to push myself to exhaustion. Once a year is enough for that!

The project I’m working on is a project I’ve been trying to get right for ages. I’ve written and rewritten it several times, but I just can’t seem to get it right. I think I’m finally on the right track this time, having to change my character a bit. I think I tried to shoehorn my main character into a role that just wasn’t her.

So I’ve got a lot written already, but I’m hoping to get myself set up to reach the end of this one. I’m going to have to set aside some time to write, and though it’s not going to be easy, I know it’ll be worth it in the end.

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